About Dustless Sand Blasting in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade

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In Business Since 2012 as South Florida's First 

Eco-Friendly / Wet Abrasive Surface Restoration 

Using a combination of low pressure water vapor and 100% silica-free crushed recycled bottle glass, South Florida Surface Restoration introduces the most advanced and eco-friendly surface restoration anywhere!

The Pictures We Use Are From OUR Jobsites

Not Taken From A Manufacture Website!

*At a low 40-100 psi and incorporating water vapor as a buffer, crushed glass shatters into pieces on impact of the surface being blasted, sandblasting just pulverizes it. Next, a mist of water scrubs away any microscopic particles imbedded in the surface. At the same time keeping METAL SURFACES COOL to PREVENT WARPING.

* The glass media, water vapor and air pressure are all fully adjustable on our patented machine. This gives our customers a variety of profiles (peen) to choose from. And because the media is flowing through water, it has many times the force, but still acts as a buffer. Imagine throwing a handful of dry sand at a wall. Now imagine throwing a handful of wet sand. Which do you think does more damage? That is how we are able to strip varnish off of soft teak wood or remove 3mm marine pant to barnacles from an ocean buoy. Even remove coatings layer by layer!

* Until now some surfaces have been stripped with water jets that can blast 40,000+ psi, using toxic chemicals and even scalding hot water. These methods are not only complicated, they are extremely dangerous. And over time, the surfaces being restored will degrade and become damaged. Our wet-abrasive system safely and effectively strips and scrubs any surface completely, leaving it ready to be sealed and enjoyed!

* Because friction is almost completely eliminated, plumbing and electrical can be      safely stripped/restored while live

* Crushed glass is completely safe, classified as "inert" by the EPA
* Our wet abrasive system will not adjust the PH of any surface to guarantee a solid resurface

South Florida Surface Restoration does all this with almost NO DUST!
Claiming to be dustless is impossible, there will always be a small amount of dust and most of our work sites are tented.



Broward County & Palm Beach County
Miami-Dade County

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