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Boat owners from Florida's Treasure Coast to the Keys are spreading the news… "South Florida Surface Restoration brings wet-abrasive blasting to South Florida"!



ABOVE: 76' Horizon Yacht wrapped and blasted by sfsrestore at Lauderdale Marine Center


In the past, the process of removing the bottom paint from their boat has been something that no boat owner has looked forward to doing. It has been a messy, hot, sweaty, unsafe job that every captain dreads.

Originally, sandblasting was introduced as the only alternative to scraping and sanding a boat bottom. There are many problems though. Sandblasting creates a large cloud of dangerous silica dust, which can lead to deadly silicosis. Tenting a boat is a must and dust still seems to blow all over the yard. Operators can't see exactly what is being blasted until the nozzle is pulled away. Even the most skilled sandblaster will damage the gel coat, opening up and exposing blisters that will need to be filled and sanded before painting.

Years later soda blasting was introduced claiming to reduce dust, be safer, less abrasive and leave a more desirable surface. Unfortunately, the gel coat is still compromised. And it leaves a mess.

South Florida Surface Restoration (SFSR) has boaters everywhere talking about the evolution, and even revolution, of boat bottom stripping using our superior method of wet-abrasive blasting. Some of the benefits include:

* Will not compromise the gel coat.

* Unlike sodablasting, SFSR leaves a 80 grit finish, the perfect surface for any primer or coating. 

* Paint can be applied immediately after blasting, with no sanding.

* Leaves a much smoother, more even surface than soda or sandblasting.

* Requires fewer coats of paint saving time and money. 

* SFSR gets the job done in much less time than traditional dry blasting, costing you less money to be out of the water and getting you back in fast!

* The only way to safely strip a wood bottom boat.

* Are you about to buy or sell a boat? Show a buyer or know as a buyer exactly what the bottom looks like before a final transaction is made.

* Is your boat brand new? Let us remove the factory wax!

* SFSR uses only clear recycled crushed glass, the highest quality crushed glass in the industry.

* Every captain in the yard will appreciate how clean your work area is!


If you can't fit another coat of paint on the bottom of your boat, or if you've got way too many barnacles to scrape off yourself.
You need South Florida Surface Restoration!

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