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Are you a "car guy" that is about to start a frame-off restoration? Are you restoring a vehicle and you would like to bring it down to bare metal on only the exterior to get the job done right? If your project has been put off forever, or if you are a shop owner that restores several cars a month, you will benefit from the speed and convenience of our wet abrasive blasting system.

SFSR takes great care to make sure every job comes out right. Tapeing-off all necessary parts, maintaining a safe worksite and undererstanding the needs of our customers. That's what makes us the best! 

Our machine utilizes water vapor with the media, greatly reducing friction and eliminating heat, a common cause of warping. We blast vehicles at less then 70 psi. which puts very little pressure on trunks and hoods. The crushed recycled bottle glass that we use is classified by the EPA as "inert", never changing the PH of the surface being restored, guaranteeing an unaltered repaintable surface. HOLDTIGHT 102 is added to the system to virtually eliminate "flash rust" for up to 72 hours.

Is the vehicle you are restoring unable to be moved? SFSR will come to your home, shop or any commerical or residential location you choose. We are completely self-contained and will not need the use of any water or power while at a worksite.

Wet abrasive blasting is now the industry standard for quick and safe removal of paint, grease and even BONDO, no matter how thick. And because we incorporate water vapor with the blasting media, the cloud of dust at worksites normally assiocated with sandblasting or sodablasting is a thing of the past. Tenting is used whenever needed, but is normally not nessary.  Once the job is complete, the only thing left behind is a paint ready vehicle!

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