Stamped Concrete

concreteDid you know that there is a relatively new technology known as wet abrasive blasting that can give you the best in stamped concrete restoration?

The process is simple! The stamped concrete restoration takes place using our all green wet abrasive blasting process so that all the dirt, grime, oil, paint, and any other surface coatings and materials are safely stripped away. Think of a high pressure washer blowing dirt off your vehicle at the car wash, our wet abrasive blasting process works the same way, except it uses abrasive media to scrub the paint, rust and material that has built-up on your stamped concrete over the years.

Since the stamped concrete restoration is so thorough, any foreign topcoats on the concrete will be wiped away so that you are left with pure stamped concrete just as it was when it was new.  The total stamped concrete restoration can be done quickly and efficiently so you can have a clean and neat driveway or pool deck. Get your stone walls, driveway, or any other surface restored by removing all the foreign material that our wet abrasive blasting process provides.

If you are looking to revitalize your home our stamped concrete restoration can drastically alter the outward appearance and approach to your home by making it clean and luxurious.  No more looking at dirty concrete when our stamped concrete restoration can take the worst stains and make them disappear with a total stamped concrete restoration.

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