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Are you looking to bring your pools concrete floor to new levels of sheen and strength?  For the ultimate in concrete floor restoration in South Florida, contact concrete surface restoration services from South Florida Surface Restoration – the best in green cleaning when it comes to pool floor restoration!


There are so many things that can happen to concrete over time, including: Erosion, Clumping, Cracking, Splitting, Crumbling, Staining, Molding, etc.

To free your concrete by removing stains and mold through our concrete floor restoration process, you can see exactly how your concrete looks when it is restored back to its original state. Once it is looking new again, all the dirt, grit, grime, and mold is gone, you are empowered to do whatever you want with it including: Painting, acrylic coating, sealing or tile.

When you want to add value to your home and increase your living space by opening up new frontiers in cleanliness with our concrete floor restoration service, then give us a call. You will be adding a whole new dimension to cleanliness in your home including an area that is less dusty, and has better air circulation.

Since concrete can erode, causing particulates to fragment into the air and surrounding areas, it is a good idea to get concrete surface restoration done to remove all the burrs and fragments that will continually cause problems in the long run.  We can do all sort of concrete surface restoration projects including: Driveways, Parking Lots, Pools, Basements, B-Ball Courts, Tennis Courts, Stucco, Stone, Fences, etc.

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