Wood Restoration

Are you not willing to shell out a small fortune to bring your wood decking back to life?  If so, then get the best in wood restoration from South Florida Surface Restoration (SFSR) using our wet-abrasive crushed glass! Wood is a porous material that can soak up almost anything over time, even if is is pressure treated, but one of the perks is that the fibers can be restored using a special abrasive technique from us.  Serving the South Florida area, we know how wood can take a beating and have the total restoration solution for all your favorite wood areas including: Decks, Teak, Boat Decks, Docks, Bridges, Patio Enclosures, Benches, Saunas, Gazebos, Fences, etc.


When wood gets waterlogged there is only so much you can do, but with SFSR, the wood restoration can be done quickly and conveniently by blasting the exterior fibers of the wood. The core strength of the wood is maintained thus eliminating the moisture and giving a powerfully clean and strong wood restoration.  Our woodwork can be done all types of hardwood and softwood to expose strong wood and remove the weak and/or rotting areas.

This is great for areas that have rotting boards, or wood that is damaged and needs to be restored.  During the process, we will eliminate the rot areas by exposing the solid-grained wood underneath so all your hazards are exposed and you can make the appropriate plans for renovation.  Get your wood restoration done with us and bring your wood back to life!

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